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The Great Wave Off Kanagawa - Kimono Robe

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa - Kimono Robe

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Experience Hokusai's iconic piece "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" in luxurious style with this exquisite kimono robe. This custom robe is designed around Hokusai's famous seascape print, and also incorporates classic Japanese cranes flying toward a red sun, for added artistic flair. Crafted with your choice of chiffon, silky knit, or 100% silk twill fabric. This robe drapes you in the GREAT WAVE one of Japan's most legendary works of art.

About the Artwork

“The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” is undoubtably Hokusai’s magnum opus, and perhaps the most internationally recognized piece of Japanese ukiyo-e art. It was created in 1831 and is the first in his acclaimed series of woodblock prints called “36 views of mount Fuji”. As you admire this masterpiece, you'll witness the genius of Hokusai unfold before your eyes. With his play on angles and perspectives Hokusai takes us inside the wave by having the gigantic mount Fuji (Japan’s biggest and most culturally significant mountain) gracefully take a backseat to present the immediate and impending power of the GREAT WAVE. From this perspective, we can see the ocean engulf the scene, dwarfing the mountain and within the curling waters, boats and brave souls find themselves entangled in a dance with nature; highlighting the awesome and untamed force of the ocean.

Product Details

Made just for you after your order, our kimono robes unite stunning artistic designs with elegant, comfortable fabrics:
• Chiffon - Lightweight and breezy polyester with vivid prints
• Silky Knit - Soft polyester/spandex blend with performance durability
• 100% Silk Twill - Luxurious, drapey silk that's smooth against skin
Your robe will be carefully printed and sewn by hand, never fading with time or washing. Completed with a matching fabric belt, it's perfect for special events, lounging, travel, and cultural celebrations.


• Multiple plush fabric choices
• Handmade craftsmanship and construction
• Vibrant fade-resistant prints
• Matching print fabric belt included
• Machine washable chiffon and knit options

Make a statement anywhere you go in this flowing garment celebrating Hokusai's iconic masterpiece.

Bring Japan's artistic legacy into modern life with artwear that connects you to Hokusai's creative spirit.

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