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The Great Buddha at Kamakura - Kimono Robe

The Great Buddha at Kamakura - Kimono Robe

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Marvel at the majestic wonder of Hasui’s “The Great Buddha at Kamakura” in this exquisite kimono robe. Crafted with your choice of chiffon, silky knit, or 100% silk twill fabric, this custom garment surrounds you in Hasui’s 1930 masterful woodblock print.

About the Artwork

"The Great Buddha at Kamakura" is a remarkable woodblock print by Kawase Hasui, crafted in 1930. This iconic piece captures the majestic beauty of the Great Buddha statue in Kamakura, a symbol of Japan's rich cultural heritage. Hasui's meticulous artistry brings to life the serene surroundings of the statue, set against a tranquil backdrop of lush greenery and peaceful skies. The intricate details of the sculpture and the surrounding landscape reflect Hasui's deep appreciation for both natural and man-made marvels. Through his careful portrayal, he invites us to experience the sense of awe and tranquility that the Great Buddha at Kamakura inspires. The play of light and shadow adds depth to the scene, enhancing the print's immersive quality. Whether you're an art enthusiast or someone drawn to the spiritual essence of Japanese landscapes, "The Great Buddha at Kamakura" captures the essence of a cultural treasure and the profound beauty of its setting.

Product Details

Made just for you after your order, our kimono robes unite stunning artistic designs with elegant, comfortable fabrics:
• Chiffon - Lightweight and breezy polyester with vivid prints
• Silky Knit - Soft polyester/spandex blend with performance durability
• 100% Silk Twill - Luxurious, drapey silk that's smooth against skin
Your robe will be carefully printed and sewn by hand, never fading with time or washing. Completed with a matching fabric belt, it's perfect for special events, lounging, travel, and cultural celebrations.

• Multiple plush fabric choices
• Handmade craftsmanship and construction
• Vibrant fade-resistant prints
• Matching print fabric belt included
• Machine washable chiffon and knit options

Experience Japan's cultural essence with this robe honouring Hasui's artistic vision.
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