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The Fury of Monk Raigo by kobayashi kiyochika - Brushed Aluminum Print

The Fury of Monk Raigo by kobayashi kiyochika - Brushed Aluminum Print

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Experience the modern intensity of Kiyochika’s “The Fury of Monk Raigo” with this visually striking brushed aluminum print.


About the Artwork

"The Fury of Monk Raigo" is a mesmerizing painting created by Kobayashi Kiyochika in 1900. This masterpiece stands as one of the rare paintings by Kiyochika, known primarily for his woodblock prints. With fiery intensity, Kiyochika portrays Monk Raigo in a moment of intense emotion and fervor. The visceral energy emanating from the monk's expression and posture is captured with masterful brushwork, evoking a powerful sense of turmoil and determination. This painting transcends traditional boundaries, showcasing Kiyochika's versatility and innovation as an artist. The dynamic composition and vivid colors draw viewers into the intensity of the scene, inviting contemplation of the human spirit's depths. 'The Fury of Monk Raigo' is a testament to Kiyochika's ability to convey complex emotions and narratives through his art, making it a treasured rarity among his body of work.


Product Details:

Our brushed aluminum print modernizes the fiery intensity of Kiyochika's rare painting "The Fury of Monk Raigo." The sleek finish and lightweight aluminum provide a striking, contemporary perspective.



  • Matte, glare-free surface
  • Highly saturated colors pop
  • Brushed silver AluDibond panel
  • Horizontal grain for dynamic look
  • Sturdy 3mm thick aluminum print
  • Hanging hardware included
  • Sizes vary slightly by region


Display the fiery spirit of Japan's past with striking modern flair.

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