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Kasuga Shrine in Nara by Kawase Hasui - Brushed Aluminum Print

Kasuga Shrine in Nara by Kawase Hasui - Brushed Aluminum Print

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Experience the modern allure of Hasui's "Kasuga Shrine in Nara" with this visually striking brushed aluminum print.


About the Artwork

"Kasuga Shrine in Nara" is a captivating woodblock print created by Kawase Hasui in 1933. As part of his celebrated series "Collection of Scenic Views of Japan," this artwork invites you to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Kasuga Shrine. Nestled within the ancient city of Nara, the shrine is a testament to Japan's rich cultural heritage. Hasui's artistic prowess shines through as he captures the tranquil ambiance surrounding the shrine's grand entrance. Lanterns illuminate the path, guiding visitors through the mystical setting. The trees, adorned with vibrant autumn hues, envelop the scene in a tapestry of colors. With meticulous detail and a keen eye for atmosphere, Hasui's portrayal transports you to a place where history and nature harmoniously coexist. "Kasuga Shrine in Nara" is a visual journey that celebrates the fusion of sacred tradition and the natural world, allowing you to experience the enchantment of this revered site.


Product Details:

Our brushed aluminum print lends breathtaking dimension to Hasui's "Kasuga Shrine in Nara." The silver brushed finish and lightweight aluminum create a striking, modern way to display this vintage art.



  • Matte, glare-free surface
  • Highly saturated colors pop
  • Brushed silver AluDibond panel
  • Horizontal grain for dynamic look
  • The aluminum print comes in a thickness of approximately 3mm /0.12", providing a sturdy and rigid base
  • We've included a hanging kit, which may vary depending on the country of fulfillment.
  • Sizes may vary slightly by region. For the US and Canada, the measurement is in inches, while for the rest of the world, it is in centimeters.


Display Japan's rich cultural tradition in a strikingly modern medium with this print.

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