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Cormorant Fishing by Kawase Hasui - 3 Piece Triptych Canvas Print Set

Cormorant Fishing by Kawase Hasui - 3 Piece Triptych Canvas Print Set

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 Step into the captivating tranquility of Hasui's
"Cormorant Fishing" as an immersive 3 piece triptych, spotlighting the
masterful 1930 woodblock print. 


About the Artwork:

Step into the captivating world of traditional Japanese life
with 'Cormorant Fishing' by Kawase Hasui, a woodblock print from 1930. This
artwork transports you to a serene river scene, where fishermen employ
cormorant birds to assist in their ancient fishing technique where the
cormorants swallow small fish, which are attracted by the torch fire. A rope
attached to a collar on the cormorant's neck prevents the fish from going
further down into the cormorant's neck. Later, the fishermen make the birds
regurgitate the captured fish. The delicate ripples of the water and the
tranquility of the night are masterfully captured, highlighting Hasui's ability
to convey both the beauty of nature and the rich cultural traditions of Japan.
Against a backdrop of deep, starlit indigo, the illuminated lanterns create a
mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow. 'Cormorant Fishing' serves as a
testament to the artist's prowess in capturing the essence of everyday life, inviting
you to experience the harmony between humanity and nature that is intrinsic to
Japanese culture 


Product Details:

This 3 piece set includes:  

  • Left
    canvas capturing two fishing boats in the back, the left side of the focal
    fishing boat and cormorant birds in the water. 
  • Center
    canvas featuring the center of the focal fishing boat with a fire lit. 
  • Right
    canvas portraying a man in the focal boat holding the strings attached to
    the cormorant birds and another boat in the background. 

Each canvas print is made with premium fade-resistant
materials, divided to spotlight Hasui's masterful balance of natural beauty and
cultural tradition. Includes hanging hardware. 



  • Set of
    3 canvas prints 
  • Printed
    on premium matte canvas 
  • Archival
    fade-resistant inks 
  • Stretched
    on wood frame 
  • Hanging
    hardware included 


Step into the visual poetry of Hasui's "Cormorant
Fishing" with this immersive triptych perspective.

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