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3 Piece Canvas Print Set – The Onsen Range Seen from Amakusa, Nikko Kaido, The Great Buddha at Kamakura

3 Piece Canvas Print Set – The Onsen Range Seen from Amakusa, Nikko Kaido, The Great Buddha at Kamakura

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Journey through the Zen forests and peaceful meadows of old Japan in these serene landscapes and cultural icons with this captivating 3 piece canvas print set featuring “The Onsen Range Seen from Amakusa,” “Nikko Kaido,” and “The Great Buddha at Kamakura.”

About the Artworks

Artwork 1:

"The Onsen Range Seen from Amakusa" by Kawase
Hasui, a captivating woodblock print created in 1922 as piece is from part of
his acclaimed series “Selected Views of Japan”. This artwork transports you to
the tranquil shores of Amakusa Island, where the majestic Onsen Range graces
the horizon. The delicate interplay of light and shadow casts a sense of
serenity upon the scene, enhancing the natural beauty of the landscape. Hasui's
meticulous attention to detail and his skillful use of color bring each element
to life, from the reflective waters to the distant peaks. Through his artistry,
Hasui invites you to connect with the peaceful ambiance of this picturesque
vista. "The Onsen Range Seen from Amakusa" is a testament to Hasui's
mastery in capturing the essence of Japan's landscapes, and it invites you to
embark on a visual journey that captures the sublime beauty of the country's
natural wonders. 

Artwork 2:

"Nikko Kaido" is a captivating woodblock print
created by Kawase Hasui in 1930. As part of his renowned series
"Collection of Scenic Views of Japan," this artwork invites you to
journey along the iconic Nikko Kaido road. Connecting Edo (now Tokyo) to the
revered town of Nikko, this route holds historical significance. Hasui
masterfully portrays a solitary traveler on this path, their figure moving
forward with purpose, a basket comfortably settled on their back. The interplay
of light and shadow accentuates the scene, casting a sense of quiet
contemplation. Through meticulous detail and delicate use of color, Hasui
captures not just a physical journey, but the essence of an introspective
sojourn. "Nikko Kaido" is an ode to the allure of discovery and the
beauty of venturing into the past, allowing you to step into the footsteps of

Artwork 3:

"The Great Buddha at Kamakura" is a remarkable
woodblock print by Kawase Hasui, crafted in 1930. This iconic piece captures
the majestic beauty of the Great Buddha statue in Kamakura, a symbol of Japan's
rich cultural heritage. Hasui's meticulous artistry brings to life the serene
surroundings of the statue, set against a tranquil backdrop of lush greenery
and peaceful skies. The intricate details of the sculpture and the surrounding
landscape reflect Hasui's deep appreciation for both natural and man-made
marvels. Through his careful portrayal, he invites us to experience the sense
of awe and tranquility that the Great Buddha at Kamakura inspires. The play of
light and shadow adds depth to the scene, enhancing the print's immersive
quality. Whether you're an art enthusiast or someone drawn to the spiritual
essence of Japanese landscapes, "The Great Buddha at Kamakura"
captures the essence of a cultural treasure and the profound beauty of its

Product Details

This 3 piece set includes: 

Canvas print of “The Onsen Range Seen from Amakusa” Canvas
print of “Nikko Kaido” Canvas print of “The Great Buddha at Kamakura” 

Each canvas print is made with premium fade-resistant
materials, capturing the essence of the original artwork. Includes hanging
hardware. The artworks are labelled with their names at the bottom with the
middle canvas containing the name of the artist Kawase Hasui. 


  • Set of
    3 canvas prints 
  • Printed
    on premium matte canvas 
  • Archival
    fade-resistant inks 
  • Stretched
    on wood frame 
  • Hanging
    hardware included 


Surround yourself with an immersive artistic experience
through 3 of Hasui’s serene landscapes and cultural icons.  

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