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3 Piece Canvas Print Set – Saishoin Temple in the Snow, Hirosaki, Tenno-ji Temple in Osaka, Yasugi Kiyomizu Temple, Izumo Province

3 Piece Canvas Print Set – Saishoin Temple in the Snow, Hirosaki, Tenno-ji Temple in Osaka, Yasugi Kiyomizu Temple, Izumo Province

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 Step into serene temple scenes blanketed in snow with this
evocative 3 piece canvas set by Hasui of – Saishoin Temple in the Snow,
Hirosaki, Tenno-ji Temple in Osaka and Yasugi Kiyomizu Temple, Izumo Province. 


About the Artworks

Artwork 1:

"Saishoin Temple in the Snow, Hirosaki" by Kawase
Hasui, a captivating woodblock print crafted in 1936. This exquisite artwork
transports you to a world of serene simplicity, where the beauty of Saishoin
Temple is embraced by a gentle snowfall. The scene unfolds with a sense of
quiet solitude, capturing a lone figure walking away from the temple with an
umbrella in hand. The untouched snow blankets the landscape, creating a
pristine canvas that enhances the temple's elegant architecture. The absence of
vibrant colors amplifies the calmness of the moment, while the delicate lines
and intricate details reflect Hasui's exceptional skill. In this minimalist
portrayal, the viewer is invited to appreciate the understated beauty of the
scene—a harmonious blend of nature, architecture, and human presence.
"Saishoin Temple in the Snow, Hirosaki" captures the serene stillness
of a winter morning and highlights the artist's ability to convey a sense of
poetic contemplation. 

Artwork 2:

"Tenno-ji Temple in Osaka" is a captivating
woodblock print by Kawase Hasui that captures a serene moment in the morning.
This vintage Japanese artwork was published in 1936, offers a glimpse into the
tranquility of Tenno-ji Temple. As the morning light gently illuminates the
scene, the iconic architecture of the temple forms a striking silhouette
against the sky. As delicate snowflakes gently descend, they create an
enchanting atmosphere that envelops the temple and its surroundings. The
arching rooftops of the buildings are beautifully rendered, showcasing Hasui's
meticulous attention to detail. The falling snow adds a sense of quietude and
serenity to the scene, inviting you to embrace the peacefulness of the moment.
In the foreground, a lone figure walks away from the temple, their presence
adding a touch of human connection to the otherwise tranquil setting. The
snow-covered ground and the temple's complex create a harmonious contrast that
captures the essence of winter's charm. Kawase Hasui's artistic brilliance shines
through in his ability to convey not just a visual representation but also the
emotional ambiance of a scene. "Tenno-ji Temple in Osaka" is a
testament to his mastery, offering a glimpse into a world where architectural
beauty and natural serenity intertwine amidst the gentle flurry of snowfall. 

Artwork 3:

"Yasugi Kiyomizu Temple, Izumo Province" by Kawase
Hasui, published in 1926. Created with intricate detail, this artwork offers a
glimpse into a snowy landscape that exudes tranquility. The iconic Kiyomizu
Temple stands as a silhouette against the soft glow of a snow-covered
landscape. The arched building, with its intricate design and towering
structure, is beautifully silhouetted against the serene winter sky. The
enchanting scene is further adorned by a snow-covered tree that partially
conceals the temple, adding a touch of natural beauty to the composition. As
snowflakes gently descend, they create a blanket of pure white, transforming
the temple grounds into a serene winter wonderland. The snowfall captures the
delicate essence of the moment, adding a touch of magic to the scene. With
meticulous craftsmanship, Hasui's print transports you to a world where nature
and architecture coexist in harmonious beauty. "Yasugi Kiyomizu Temple,
Izumo Province" is a masterful representation of Hasui's ability to
capture the essence of Japan's landscapes, inviting you to experience the
serene allure of this historic temple in the midst of a gentle snowfall. 


Product Details:

This 3 piece set includes: 

Canvas print of “Saishoin Temple in the Snow, Hirosaki”
Canvas print of “Tenno-ji Temple in Osaka”

Canvas print of “Yasugi Kiyomizu Temple, Izumo Province” 

Each canvas print is made with premium fade-resistant
materials, capturing the essence of the original artwork. Includes hanging
hardware. The artworks are labelled with their names at the bottom with the
middle canvas containing the name of the artist Kawase Hasui. 



  • Set of
    3 canvas prints 
  • Printed
    on premium matte canvas 
  • Archival
    fade-resistant inks 
  • Stretched
    on wood frame 
  • Hanging
    hardware included 

Surround yourself with the peaceful serenity of Hasui’s
snow-covered temple scenes.

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