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3 Piece Canvas Print Set – Nonomiya Shrine in Kyoto, Night Rain on Shinohashi Bridge, Harbor at Night, Otaru

3 Piece Canvas Print Set – Nonomiya Shrine in Kyoto, Night Rain on Shinohashi Bridge, Harbor at Night, Otaru

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Most of Kawase Hasui’s pieces were bright and sunny but, in some pieces, he showed his mastery of dark settings too. Journey into the serene night scenes of Hasui and feel the ethereal atmosphere with this captivating 3 piece canvas set of Nonomiya Shrine in Kyoto, Night Rain on Shinohashi Bridge and Harbor at Night, Otaru.


About the Artworks

Artwork 1:

"Nonomiya Shrine in Kyoto" a captivating woodblock
print by Kawase Hasui. Created in 1923. The piece is from part of his acclaimed
series “Selected Views of Japan”, it transports you to the serene embrace of
the Nonomiya Shrine under the soft glow of the moonlight. The delicate
interplay of light and shadow reveals the shrine's intricate details, while the
stars above twinkle in the night sky. The moon's gentle radiance casts a serene
spell over the scene, illuminating the shrine's graceful architecture and the
surrounding trees. Hasui's meticulous artistry allows you to experience Kyoto's
cultural heritage in a new and profound light. This print encapsulates the
serene beauty of Kyoto's nightscape, inviting you to explore the quietude and
spiritual essence of Nonomiya Shrine. Hasui's meticulous craftsmanship comes
alive in this print, where the interplay of light and shadow imbues the shrine
with an almost ethereal quality. As the moonlight softly illuminates every
intricate detail, the stars above offer a serene backdrop, underscoring the
spiritual significance of the shrine. With its masterful portrayal of moonlit
tranquility and celestial embellishments, this woodblock print invites you to
explore the profound connection between nature, architecture, and the cosmos. 

Artwork 2:

"Night Rain on Shinohashi Bridge," a stunning
woodblock print created by Kawase Hasui. Crafted in 1926, This Piece transports
you to a rainy night scene where the iconic Shinohashi Bridge takes center
stage. The misty air is illuminated by the warm glow of streetlights, casting a
gentle radiance on the wet cobbled path. A pulled rickshaw traverses the
bridge, its figure shrouded in the rain's embrace, while passersby hurry along
the path under umbrellas. Hasui's mastery in capturing the interplay of light
and darkness is on full display as he recreates the quiet beauty of a nocturnal
rain shower. The reflection of the bridge in the rain-soaked ground adds depth
to the scene, evoking a sense of calm and contemplation. "Night Rain on
Shinohashi Bridge" is a tribute to Hasui's ability to infuse his prints
with both the atmospheric charm of nature and the intimate moments of everyday

Artwork 3:

"Harbor at Night, Otaru" is a captivating
woodblock print by Kawase Hasui, created in 1933. This evocative artwork
transports us to the enchanting harbor of Otaru, where the tranquility of the
night is illuminated by the gentle glow of lanterns. The scene comes alive with
the presence of two figures, standing near the edge of the harbor and gazing
out at the calm sea. The distant lights at the edge of the harbor cast a warm
and inviting radiance onto the water's surface, creating a sense of mystery and
allure. Hasui's mastery in capturing the interplay of light and shadow is
evident as he portrays the harmony between the artificial illumination and the
surrounding darkness. The artwork's detailed precision and atmospheric ambiance
invite us to immerse ourselves in the serene beauty of Otaru's nighttime
harbor. Whether you're an art enthusiast or someone who appreciates the
intricate dance between light and dark, "Harbor at Night, Otaru" is a
testament to Kawase Hasui's artistic brilliance and his ability to transport us
to the heart of a peaceful nocturnal scene. 


Product Details:

This 3 piece set includes: 

Canvas print of “Nonomiya Shrine in Kyoto” Canvas print of
“Night Rain on Shinohashi Bridge” Canvas print of “Harbor at Night, Otaru” 

Each canvas print is made with premium fade-resistant
materials, capturing the essence of the original artwork. Includes hanging
hardware. The artworks are labelled with their names at the bottom with the
middle canvas containing the name of the artist Kawase Hasui. 



  • Set of
    3 canvas prints 
  • Printed
    on premium matte canvas 
  • Archival
    fade-resistant inks 
  • Stretched
    on wood frame 
  • Hanging
    hardware included 


Surround yourself with the immersive charm of Hasui’s
nocturnal scenes.

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