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3 Piece Canvas Print Set – Horai Rock in the Kiso River, Futomi in Awa Province, Iwafune in Bingo Province

3 Piece Canvas Print Set – Horai Rock in the Kiso River, Futomi in Awa Province, Iwafune in Bingo Province

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From rivers, the ocean, rain lakes and many more water was a prevalent theme Kawase Hasui’s pieces, these 3 pieces are some best work on this motif, journey through these serene waters with this 3 piece canvas set featuring “Horai Rock in the Kiso River,” “Futomi in Awa Province,” and “Iwafune in Bingo Province.”


About the Artworks

Artwork 1:

"Horai Rock in the Kiso River," a mesmerizing
woodblock print crafted by Kawase Hasui in 1928. As part of his celebrated
series " Souvenirs of Travel III," this artwork offers a glimpse of
the serene beauty that defines the Japanese landscape. At the heart of the
scene stands Horai Rock, a majestic presence rising from the tranquil waters of
the Kiso River. Hasui's artistic mastery is showcased in his meticulous
attention to detail, as every line and hue come together to evoke a sense of
wonder. The lush vegetation along the riverbank adds depth to the composition,
creating a harmonious balance between nature's grandeur and delicate nuances.
With a palette that captures the changing hues of the sky and the water,
Hasui's portrayal captures the essence of Japan's natural splendor. "Horai
Rock in the Kiso River" is a masterpiece that beckons you to immerse
yourself in the quiet elegance of this iconic landmark. 

Artwork 2:

"Futomi in Awa Province," a captivating woodblock
print crafted by Kawase Hasui in 1925. As part of his celebrated series
"Collection of Scenic Views of Japan," this artwork transports you to
the serene shores of Awa Province. The scene unfolds with tranquil elegance,
featuring a lone figure standing beside a Torii gate, which stands as a
symbolic threshold between the earthly and the divine. Hasui's artistic mastery
comes to life as he captures the harmonious interplay of land, sea, and sky.
The waves gently caress the shoreline, creating a soothing rhythm that
harmonizes with the natural world. Every detail, from the intricate textures of
the gate to the shifting hues of the sky, is rendered with meticulous
precision. Through this masterpiece, Hasui not only preserves a fleeting moment
but also invites you to a realm of introspection and wonder. "Futomi in
Awa Province" is an homage to the profound beauty found in the simplicity
of nature and the spiritual resonance of sacred spaces. 

Artwork 3:

"Iwafune in Bingo Province," a captivating
woodblock print by Kawase Hasui, created in 1923. As part of his renowned
series “Selected Views of Japan”, This artwork invites you to explore the picturesque
landscapes of Bingo Province. Hasui's artistic brilliance shines through as he
masterfully captures the essence of this serene scene. The rocky shoreline
stands in contrast to the calm waters, while a small fishing boat peacefully
navigates the gentle waves. In the distance, a tranquil village nestles among
rolling hills and lush trees, creating a harmonious blend of nature and human
habitation. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep appreciation for the
scenic beauty of Japan, Hasui's portrayal transports you to a place of peace
and serenity. "Iwafune in Bingo Province" is a timeless
representation of the artist's skill in capturing the enchanting landscapes
that define Japan's cultural and natural treasures. 


Product Details:

This 3 piece set includes: 

Canvas print of “Horai Rock in the Kiso River”

Canvas print of “Futomi in Awa Province” Canvas print of “Iwafune in Bingo

Each canvas print is made with premium fade-resistant
materials, capturing the essence of the original artwork. Includes hanging
hardware. The artworks are labelled with their names at the bottom with the
middle canvas containing the name of the artist Kawase Hasui. 



  • Set of
    3 canvas prints 
  • Printed
    on premium matte canvas 
  • Archival
    fade-resistant inks 
  • Stretched
    on wood frame 
  • Hanging
    hardware included 


Surround yourself with an immersive artistic experience
through 3 of Hasui's serene landscapes.

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